Reservation System Information

CRS Manager is an airline and charter inventory management and reservation system designed to be affordable to even a small operation that otherwise would not be able to consider fully functioning automated systems. It is entirely web-based and managed on our servers in a secure hosting facility. All you need is an internet connection and web browser on your workstations to access the system. NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED.

ADMINISTRATION: The Administration Interface enables you to set up Flight Schedules, Manage Fares, set up Agency Accounts, monitor bookings and much more.

Flight Schedules: Easy-to-use entry screens allow you to enter in all your flight scheduling information. CRS Manager supports multiple leg routings for hub-and-spoke style routes and automatically figures out all possible routing combinations, providing an "exception" list for flights that are not available but might be with slight schedule changes. Click on the SCHEDULES button below for more details.

Fares: Designed with a unique and extremely powerful fare management system, your operation can automatically control pricing of your flights in real-time, ensuring optimum targeted gross figures, in addition to all other standard fare management controls. Click on the FARE MANAGEMENT button below for more details.

Additional Services: Auxiliary Services are non-air products you can package together with your flights. These include Hotel, Cruises, Car Rental, Tours, etc.. Each service is cataloged by the airport identifier and the intelligent reservation programming automatically offers available services during the booking process, when applicable. Click on the AUXILIARY SERVICES button below for more details.

CALL CENTER & TRAVEL AGENTS: The On-Line Reservation system offers a unique and special interface for your Call Center and Travel Agents registered by you to sell your flights and packages. Complete control of commissions with sliding commission rates based on targeted sales combined with options for the travel agent to collect commissions immediately offer new incentives for travel agencies to sell your products.

GDS DISTRIBUTION: GDS connectivity is available that includes code-sharing with our IATA code, allowing you to offer published fares and flights through our proven CRS/GDS connectivity on an e-ticketing platform. CRS Manager is AIRIMP compliant and communicates with other CRS systems such as Sabre and Amadeus using Type-A messaging. Communications via the GDS systems go through the CRS Manager accounts, eliminating the expenses and procedures of establishing connectivity on your own.

DIRECT ON LINE RESERVATIONS: CRS Manager offers real-time online reservation booking with real-time payment processing. The reservation system can be linked to your web-site and can be customized with your own content and look. Advanced interaction features offer the ultimate in flexibility and control.

DCS INTERFACE: CRS Manager handles passenger check-in, boarding pass printing, and incorporates our famous CheckTSA.com which is seamlessly integrated into the Reservation and Departure Control systems. CheckTSA.com is certified by USCBP for APIS QUICK QUERY "AQQ", and is the first to provide operational real-time TSA SECURE FLIGHT systems utilizing our APIS1 "ONE SOLUTION" system.